Josée Pedneault

Josée Pedneault / Warszawa, 12 - 01 - 2006 1/15

From Warsaw with Love


An artist-in-residence program in Warsaw, Poland (CCA Ujazdowski Castle) was offered to me from January to April 2006. For each day of the residency, I kept a visual correspondence with Christophe Collette, photographer and partner in life, who stayed in Montreal.

By using the distance between two lovers as a motor for creation, From Warsaw with love is born from the desire to keep a tangible connection and from the need to describe to the other person a reality to which he cannot access. The 4 months project has quickly proven to be a rigorous creative gymnastic that anchored us to the present and transforms the way we looked at daily life. From Warsaw with love was developed on a website that was updated everyday with a new image. The final sequence of 109 photographs can be compared to a series of visual haikus.

From Warsaw with love addresses the theme of love relationship by avoiding the usual physical aspect of it. The determination of the two people to keep the conversation going every day bears witness of the feelings of love that unite them and of their desire to transcend the physical aspect of love.

Blueprint Asia (Malaysie) [PDF]

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